The Kidpreneur Revolution is here:

It’s time to future-proof young people with enterprise skills

When kids mean business

Our program teaches young people how to launch their own businesses.

It aligns with Years 6 and 7 of the Australian Curriculum in the areas of HaSS (Business & Economics), Mathematics (Financial Maths) and General Capabilities (Critical and Creative Thinking). This allows schools to choose whether to run the course in the classroom, or as an academic extension or extra-curricular activity.

We also run the program in homes. This is popular with homeschoolers, community groups and families that value enterprise education.

We help your young people become ‘kidpreneurs‘. In the process, they:

  • Learn essential life skills like money management, time management, team work and sales,
  • Build confidence in their capabilities, and
  • Astound their teachers and parents with their creativity and enthusiasm!

Research shows that enterprise skills are the most effective accelerator for getting young people into full-time work (from Foundation for Young Australians), and that a hands-on experience is the best way to learn these skills (from OECD).

We’ve designed our course accordingly.

Being a ‘kidpreneur’ is a common theme among some of the world’s most famous business people such as Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Melanie Perkins. We like to think our kidpreneurs, such as Ash of Beauty from Ash’s Products, are the Buffetts, Bransons and Perkins of the future.

Maker Kids Club helps young people feel empowered to say:

‘We’re not worried about the jobs of the future. We’re ready to meet any challenge, and we mean business.’

For Schools

Panicking about pandemic-induced distance education?

We’ve got you covered:

For Families

Nervous about home-based learning?

Here’s the perfect project opportunity:

How does it work?

In schools, in Year 6 and 7 classrooms:

  • Teachers run Maker Kids Club in their classrooms (one hour per week for 14 weeks).
  • Our program makes life easy for teachers. With no preparation or professional development needed, teachers focus on delivery. Detailed lesson plans showing curriculum connections are included (example).

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What’s it like for the kids?

We’ve worked with dozens of young business owners privately and in school settings. Meet some of our kidpreneurs in the videos below as they explain their businesses and share their advice for fellow kidpreneurs.

Gabe, 11 years old

Gabe wrote and launched a song on iTunes. He made extra money at the Riverton Primary School launch market by busking.

Sienna, 11 years old

Sienna created a slime business, taking $87 of orders from one single sample – an excellent example of how to manage cash flow for a fledgling business.

Emma, 7 years old

Emma’s Soda Stand sells homemade lemonade made in her parents’ commercial kitchen. She started the business when she was six using a converted sewing table and an abundance of lemons in her backyard.

Stella, 10 years old

Stella recently went through a rough patch. She found that reading affirmations helped improve her mood and outlook. Stella wanted to help other kids in a similar situation, so she created Little Bursts of Happiness. Stella now sells online, at markets, and in a store in Fremantle.

Stories from schools

“It was wonderful to be approached by the various learners requesting inclusion of their advertisements in the school newsletter and the P&C Facebook page, and to hear them speaking about what they were planning, making and selling with such enthusiasm.

The Market Day was a fabulous experience, it filtered down through the school, and ended up being a great learning opportunity for the younger kids in the school too, about budgeting where to spend their money and what to buy. Many of the younger kids were inspired too. The feedback from the parents was that it was an amazing opportunity for the learners to gain real life practical experience about business.

We would look to do this each year for our learners.

Financial literacy is a must, and the method Lacey uses is engaging and practical and the content is delivered with such passion and conviction. Highly recommended!

Gillian Nathan – P&C President, Riverton Primary School

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the program and were working in groups to work towards a common goal. It was a great program which gave the students a taste of what it is like to run a business. The concepts were directly linked to the Australian Curriculum and the program was an excellent link between study and practice.

The launch market was absolutely brilliant, the students were super excited about selling their goods product. I highly recommend this program and I think that it should be compulsory for all Year 6 students.

Shelley McCarroll – Year 6 Teacher, Riverton Primary School

The Year 6’s thoroughly enjoyed creating their own businesses and becoming kidpreneurs with Lacey and the Maker Kid’s Club in 2018.

The videos and workshops that Lacey provided each week were thorough and helped us teach the tricky components of Economics and Business.

Our business launch night was a huge success and the students were so proud of what they had achieved in just one term.

Thank you Lacey and the Maker Kid’s Club!”

Kiara Grigo – Year 6 Teacher, Mother Teresa Catholic College

What’s it like for the parents?

Just like any extra-curricular activity, parents are involved in their child’s entrepreneurial journey. Fortunately, they seem to love it! We often hear that the process brings families closer together. It’s wonderful to see the pride in our Maker Kids Club parents’ eyes.

Kat, Ash’s Mum

Ash is the eldest of Kat’s four children. In this video, Kat talks about what it’s like to have a kidpreneur in the family.

(PS. She now has three kidpreneurs!)

Parent Compilation

In this video, you’ll meet four of our kidpreneur parents:

Mel, Stella’s mum.
Nicky, Ben and Holly’s mum.
Tennille, Emma’s mum.
Scott, Riley and Georgia’s dad.

Stories from our kidpreneur parents

Please note we omit surnames for our kidpreneurs and parents to protect the privacy of the kids. 

Maker Kids Club has inspired my children to use their imagination and be creative as well as understand the process of starting their own small business.

With many co-curricular activities, the online videos allow the children to watch and learn in their own time. By funding the markets, the children can experience the whole process of designing, producing and selling their product, without having to worry about the cost of the market.

Such a great opportunity for Kidpreneurs.”

Megs – Mum of David, 9, and Sophie, 6

“My daughter Emma has always wanted to have her own business, with the tools that Lacey and Fran provided with the Maker Kids Club she has been able to turn her idea into a reality and learn really essential life and business skills.

Her confidence in speaking to people, calculating change and sharing story shows how positive the effect of being members and having that support really is, all at the age of 7!

Tennille – Mum of Emma, 7

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