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How does MKC work at home?

For families with school-age children:

You can sign up for the Maker Kids Club course at home. It’s the same lessons you get in the school course, without all the fluff you don’t need like lesson plans and marking guides. 

You’ll get:

  • Access to our Learner Program, which allow students to re-watch lessons outside of school, and
  • Support from the Maker Kids Club team to answer any tricky questions your aspiring ‘kidpreneurs’ come up with, like ‘Do I need insurance?’ or ‘How do I get my kitchen certified?’

What’s involved?

The course contains 14 lessons. You can run that however you like within your 12-month enrolment. Most popular is to allow one hour a week for 14 weeks.

A typical lesson includes:

  • Watching a training video (6-20 minutes) – that’s Lacey’s enthusiastic talking head!, then
  • Completing the activity sheet accompanying the lesson, which builds up your business plan.

Lesson 10 marks Launch Week, when your child will launch their business! That could be online, or at a market stall, or something else entirely.

Options for when and where to sell are endless. Your kidpreneur will choose the one that works best for their business.

(Interested in what the content covers? See our Success Path at the bottom of the page for an overview of the stages and lessons.)

Sign up your household today:

Click the ‘I’m ready’ button to get more info, and sign up if you’re ready.

You’ll be taken to our Learning Management System (LMS) site at

The Maker Kids Club Success Path

Here are the stages and lessons your students will work through as they launch their own micro-businesses, learning enterprise skills and money smarts along the way: