Frequently Asked Questions

My school has joined and I'm a registered teacher, how do I log in to the program?

The program is hosted on our education platform, which is only accessible to participating schools. Using the secure username and password which was emailed when your registration was confirmed, you can access and log in by heading here:

How much time does the program require?

One hour per week in class for 14 weeks, plus the market (more on that later)

What’s required from the Teacher?

Teachers don’t need to do any planning as full lesson plans are provided, and there’s no professional development needed as all the content is delivered through video (pre-recorded, so can be watched any time). I’ve tried to make it as low impact on teachers as possible so they can concentrate on helping the students with their businesses.

Does it align with the curriculum?

The lesson plans outline which curriculum dimensions they hit (mostly Year 6 and some Year 7 Social Sciences Economics and Business, and some Mathematics).

What is the launch market and when does it happen?

The market happens at Lesson 10 (last week of term if you start on the first week of term).

This is run at the school, at a time of your choosing. Some schools choose lunch hour, others pair it with an event (e.g. a sports carnival or an end-of-term assembly) or make a special after-hours event for it. The students sell their products and services at the launch. It’s heaps of fun and often a highlight of the school year.

How much does the program cost?

$40 per student enrolled, including GST. No additional cost for teacher or student resources. Schools can choose how they fund it (parent payment, out of school budget, via P&C etc)

Does the program include assessments?

There are no assessments in the program with the focus being on lessons learnt through experience. Brainstorming, planning, preparation, activation, and reflection are key areas covered during the process. 

We’re a regional school with a small number of students and a small community. A market wouldn’t work in our circumstance, what are our options?

The program includes suggestions and instruction to launch an online business to accommodate for regional and remote Maker Kids. Online business activation involves preparing and launching in the same way as a physical market.

We have twins/triplets/siblings/multiple registrations. How do the kids access and work on their own individual projects?

Individual registration is required for each student.

The system allows one email address per registration, and the same email address cannot be used for multiple registrations.

This ensures their own user name and their own individual login.

How can I share Maker Kids Club with my child’s school?

Contact us at and we’ll send you an information pack to pass on to your teacher or principal.