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How does it work?

Privately, for individual kidpreneurs and their families:

  • Our private members:
    • pay a nominal fee each month, with the full course taking four months to complete,
    • get access to the full course and our private Facebook group for support from the Maker Kids Club team,
    • first right of refusal to spots on our market stalls,
    • free premium listings in our Kidpreneur Directory, and
    • referrals to journalists seeking kidpreneurs for newspapers, radio and television (we get lots!)
  • We open enrolment twice a year

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In schools, for Year 6 classes:

  • Teachers can run Maker Kids Club in the classroom (one hour per week for 14 weeks).
  • Enrolment includes:
    • Individual access to the online training platform for every student and the teacher for the duration of the course,
    • detailed lesson plans with all links to the curriculum outlined, and
    • online support.
  • A typical lesson includes:
    • watching a training video (6-20 minutes),
    • discussing the content following the lesson plan, and
    • student group work to complete the activity sheet accompanying the lesson.
  • Week 10 is nominally launch week (though it’s up to each school when they want to run their market)
    • This typically lines up with the end of school term.
    • We’ve found it’s great to run the launch market on the same day as end-of-term assembly so parents can attend too.

Contact us to enquire about running Maker Kids Club in your classroom.