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Golden Arrow Creations

Unique Fairytale and fiction themed accessories for the adventurer and dreamer. Jewelry, bookmarks, keyrings and more. Can create themed birthday or party sets too.

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Green Leaf Company

My name is Jacob and I started Green Leaf Co after learning about poverty at my school. I thought it was important to learn about business and what to do with money and what to do with it, rather than just buy cheap toys. I also thought that I could donate some of the money I make to charities that I wanted to help.

My business is growing and selling succulents and I am doing this using as many recycled materials as I can. I have received cuttings from people in my area, plus donations of cups and containers to grow them in.
If you would like to find out more or place any orders you can do so on my Facebook page.

Little bursts of Happiness

Last year I had a bit of a tough time so my mum wrote me some affirmations to say every day when I woke up and it really helped me be HAPPY! I thought I could write my own to help other kids just like me.

I also write in my gratitude journal every night. It teaches me to be happy for what I have around me and that way I try not to think of the bad things.

My products include a pack of 31 affirmation cards, a poster of the first affirmations my Mum wrote for me and my gratitude journals. I hope you enjoy practicing these things every day and you can spread the Happiness too! Love Stella x

Maker Kids Club
Maker Kids Club offers online education and community support for school-age students that want to launch and run their own businesses.

Maker Kids Club is for aspiring and established young business owners who'd like to earn some money while learning essential skills that will help them have a successful career and build their confidence.

Our curriculum aligns to the Year 5 and 6 Australian Business and Economics curriculum, so we find Year 5 and 6 teachers like to use our programs in class.

We coordinate market stalls for Perth-based kidpreneurs. This includes markets run exclusively for kidpreneurs to sell at, and stalls at established Perth markets (e.g. Perth Makers Market).

Money School
Independent financial education provider.

Did you learn about personal finance at school? Neither did we.
That’s why we created Money School: we want to close the financial education gap.

We have a comprehensive, independent personal finance curriculum that we deliver in a variety of ways, including online and in person.

We work with organisations (government, private and not-for profits), individuals, schools and education groups such as homeschool organisations.
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Mosey On Magic

Our names are Riley & Georgia and we are a brother and sister team from the Perth Hills. We both love Harry Potter and stumbled across a YouTube video showing how you could your own wands. We loved that idea and, when we gave it a go, we loved the results. At the same time, we had been inspired by the kidpreneurs we had seen last year and we were looking for and idea for a business of our own. And so...Mosey On Magic was born.

We love that it lets us get creative, it lets us use things from our 5 acre block, it’s something the whole family can help with and it’s something that we both really enjoy. Each wand we make is unique and, hopefully, as individual as the owner who eventually takes it home. As they say...the wand chooses the wizard or witch!

We can also make ‘to order’ wands, so if you have an idea, then please talk to us and we would love to bring it to life for you. Our hope is to not only make a bit of extra pocket money but also to make something that the people who buy will love and have lots of fun with. And, if we inspire some other kidpreneurs along the way, then that would be awesome! If we can do it...anyone can.

MT doTERRA Candles

MT doTERRA candles was established in Mandurah, Western Australia on a wet rainy day, during the short winter of 2017 by Miles and Tayah.

It was decided that the candles would be as natural as possible, therefore they are made with love ❤️using the best natural soy wax, cotton wicks and the finest of doTERRA oils.

Feel free to take advantage of the love ❤️ and share the products with your friends and family either by purchasing them for a gift or sharing our company brand.

Thank you Miles and Tayah