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Beauty from Ash’s Products

If you haven’t heard of Ash and her business Beauty from Ash’s Products before, you are going to love this story.

 Ash was the catalyst for starting Maker Kids Club – but more on that later. First, here’s the story of how she became an internet sensation with over 700,000 video views.


Little Bursts of Happiness

Stella started her business in 2016 after hearing about the chance to have a stall at our very first Kidpreneur Showcase.

When her mum, Mel, mentioned the event, Stella’s first instinct was to make cupcakes. After some thought, she decided she’d rather do something to inspire people her own age to make positive changes in her life – and that’s just what Stella has done.


Green Leaf Company

Jake started his business in November 2016 after learning he could have a free stall at our very first Showcase in East Fremantle.

Being a green thumb and noting the abundance of mint growing in his yard, Jake launched Green Leaf Company, selling potted herbs, ‘worm juice’ and cut bunches of cooking herbs. He also got his first order for succulents from his grandmother – 100 of them for $100.


Golden Arrow Creations

Sofia, 13, started her jewellery and accessories business with her brother (Ethan, 16) as part of a homeschool project. They’d already been to one market when they joined a Maker Kids Club Showcase in April 2017.

Riley and Georgia

Mosey On Magic

Riley, 10, and Georgia, 9, attended our first Showcase in November 2016 as guests. When they heard we were hosting another event on 30 April 2017, they grabbed the chance to launch a business based on the wands they’d been creating to play with at home from natural materials on their bush block in the Perth Hills. Mosey on Magic was born.



Rebecca loved snuggling up to her very best friends but there was a problem. They were pongy pooches. After researching the issue she learned how activated charcoal and parsley could help with gas and breath, and went about finding a recipe for doggie treats her 4 legged friends would love.