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Beauty from Ash’s Products

Beauty from Ash’s Products
Meet the 12yo helping children in Laos learn to read

If you haven’t heard of Ash and her business Beauty from Ash’s Products before, you are going to love this story.

Ash was the catalyst for starting Maker Kids Club – but more on that later. First, here’s the story of how she became an internet sensation with over 700,000 video views.


When Ash won $1,000 at the cricket (no, she wasn’t gambling – she was enthusiastically waving a Weetbix sign), her initial idea was to donate the money to a cause her mother supports: stopping sex trafficking.

Her mum, Ezer Eve, suggested she might like to find a cause that she could relate to more closely to support. Being a total bookworm, she found Big Brother Mouse, a charity that converts books into the Laos language so children in Laos can learn to read.

Then she asked herself a question that demonstrates why she’s become such a successful business person at such a young age:

“How can I use this money to make more money, so I can give more to Big Brother Mouse?”

This planted the seed that grew into Beauty from Ash’s Products.


Ash had been making lip balm for her family from olive oil and beeswax. Recognising the desire for natural beauty products, she took her $1,000 winnings and ordered 1,000 tins to package her lip balm. Ash got 50 women at her local church to test a variety of scents, settled on four lines (lemongrass, tangerine, peppermint and unscented), enlisted Spoonbill Olive Oil and House of Honey to provide the ingredients and made a bunch of lip balm.

Then she set about selling it.

Turns out this lip balm is fabulous. Her launch also coincided with a competition being run on local radio for ‘kidpreneurs’, and of course Ash became one of the champions of that competition, with Carmen from 96FM supporting her.


A conversation with Ash quickly reveals a wit and eloquence beyond her years, which makes her perfect for television and radio. Having appeared on Channel 7 News and Today Tonight has resulted in fabulous exposure and interstate orders via her Etsy store, but she’s still the pre-teen we all know and love.

And just in case you’re thinking she’s superhuman: she’s not. Ash is just like most girls her age I’ve met. She is occasionally moody and begrudging of the need to do work. She is tired at the end of the school week and sometimes simply doesn’t want to go to a market. In fact, she’s just reached the point where she’s decided to wrap up the business.

Even superhumans needs a break occasionally 🙂


Ash is the reason Maker Kids Club exists.

Her mum Ezer Eve was one of my first customers for the Money School online course. Upon learning I’d written a book, Kat invited me to Ash’s book club to meet the other kids who has also read the book.

It was during that process that I learned about Ash’s business plans and that ‘kidpreneurism’ is contagious: when I went to the book club meeting, every single child there also wanted to start a business!

So with the support of local business Mi Casa Property Boutique I held a book launch (six years after publishing – better late than never) and hosted six kidpreneur businesses at what turned out to be the first Showcase of many.

It was when Ash’s mum put a call out on social media for business plan help that I had an inkling that more support was needed for these kidpreneurs. When I helped Ash with her business plan two months after launch and she told me she had $3.5k in the bank already, I realised the need was urgent.

I also saw firsthand how powerful the act of running a business was in turning financial literacy (the theory) into financial capability (the actions).

Eight months later, we have an online course used by Year 6 classes in schools and by private members all over Australia – and even in the USA! There’s a complete curriculum, opportunities to list in our business directory and market spots for those wanting them.

All because a 10-year-old girl asked herself: how can I turn this $1,000 into something that keeps on giving?

Thank you Ash. You’ve been the first snowflake in the snowball that The Kidpreneur Revolution is becoming, and I’m grateful to have you as a founding member of Maker Kids Club.

Love from our teachers

"The program brought small business and financial management to the forefront of our students minds. It really opened their eyes to the ‘real world’ and that money does not just magically appear. It put things into perspective and their initiatives displayed at the Market stall day really showed the learning they gained from the program.
The Year 5 students are already talking about it!"

Melanie Buller, Principal SHHP 2019

"I was absolutely blown away by how successful the night was. The students did an amazing job and I am so proud of them. I haven’t done the final count, but I won’t be surprised if between them they have raised over $2000 in profit! And it’s not over! I have a meeting with our P&F representatives tomorrow to see if we can support them with their Christmas stall."

Suzie Alexander, Cannon Hill Anglican College 2019