Emma’s Soda Stand

Emma’s Soda Stand
Lemonade still hits the spot

Coming from a ‘foodie’ family, little Emma was destined for the childhood Lemonade Stand!

With Dad helping to create the lemon concentrate, and mum handing over an old sewing table for recycling as a Lemonade Stand, Emma was on her way to launching the next big thing.

Emma’s first market was held in November 2016. She was the most impressive 6 year old we’ve ever met! Although she was initially shy and reserved, over the last two years she has come out of her shell and developed confidence serving customers and running her stall.

Her product has proven to be incredibly popular. She was selected to represent Kidpreneurs at the WACSSO Conference held in Perth and unexpectedly started receiving enquiries to serve her Lemonade – with her custom made Lemonade Stand – at all kinds of events.

With sales ranging from 20-40 cups at each market, Emma continued with her business until recently redirecting her focus towards fundraising.

See Emma at the WACSSO Conference. WACSSO is the W.A. Council of State School Organisations Inc. 

Emma had lots to say about running her own business and the unexpected popularity of her product and store. Watch her interview here.

Emma's Story - Emma's Soda Stand

EMMA'S STORY | Why did you start your business? "Well, I drink lots of lemonade, so I wanted to do lemonade" - no messing around with this #kidpreneur, simple and straight to the point from the 7 year old.Join the Kidpreneur revolution HERE:

Posted by Maker Kids Club on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Love from our teachers

"The program brought small business and financial management to the forefront of our students minds. It really opened their eyes to the ‘real world’ and that money does not just magically appear. It put things into perspective and their initiatives displayed at the Market stall day really showed the learning they gained from the program.
The Year 5 students are already talking about it!"

Melanie Buller, Principal SHHP 2019

"I was absolutely blown away by how successful the night was. The students did an amazing job and I am so proud of them. I haven’t done the final count, but I won’t be surprised if between them they have raised over $2000 in profit! And it’s not over! I have a meeting with our P&F representatives tomorrow to see if we can support them with their Christmas stall."

Suzie Alexander, Cannon Hill Anglican College 2019

Parents of Kidpreneurs - Kat, mum of Ash

How do parents feel about their kids running businesses? We are deeply curious about this at Maker Kids, so we ask the parents we meet regularly. As many of you know, Ash of Beauty From Ash's Products is one of our most successful kidpreneurs. In this video, we asked her mum, the marvellous Ezer Eve, what it's like. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Posted by Maker Kids Club on Monday, June 26, 2017
Parents of Kidpreneurs - What's it like?

ONE FOR THE PARENTS | If you've wondered what it's like to have a kidpreneur in your home, here are thoughts from four of our kidpreneur parents on the good AND the bad parts of the experience. Thank you parents for your candid thoughts, and thank you kidpreneurs for being so kind as to lend us your folks!With Little bursts of Happiness, ILOOMinate Perth, Emma's Soda Stand and Mosey On Magic.

Posted by Maker Kids Club on Monday, July 17, 2017