Presbyterian Ladies’ College
PLC’s First Kidpreneur Market a Success!

On Thursday 5 December 2019, PLC held its first launch market for 11 students from Years 3 to 5. Their products sold like hot cakes!

Among the businesses, there were:

  • Hand-dyed t-shirts,
  • Hand-painted pot plants,
  • Personalised pet food/drink bowls,
  • Pet bandanas,
  • Hair accessories,
  • Christmas cards,
  • Bath salts, and
  • Dance bags.

The school community came out in force to support the kidpreneurs, who did an outstanding job of promoting their businesses and handling money. 

We were delighted to hear one parent told the lead teacher on the project:

“This is the best program my daughter’s ever done.”

We look forward to welcoming PLC back to Maker Kids Club in 2020, and we can’t wait to see what the kidpreneurs develop for their businesses next year!

Love from our teachers

"The program brought small business and financial management to the forefront of our students minds. It really opened their eyes to the ‘real world’ and that money does not just magically appear. It put things into perspective and their initiatives displayed at the Market stall day really showed the learning they gained from the program.
The Year 5 students are already talking about it!"

Melanie Buller, Principal SHHP 2019

"I was absolutely blown away by how successful the night was. The students did an amazing job and I am so proud of them. I haven’t done the final count, but I won’t be surprised if between them they have raised over $2000 in profit! And it’s not over! I have a meeting with our P&F representatives tomorrow to see if we can support them with their Christmas stall."

Suzie Alexander, Cannon Hill Anglican College 2019