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South Halls Head Primary
South Halls Head Primary leads the way with UWA 

On a glorious spring morning in October, the first sponsored kidpreneur market was held at South Halls Head Primary School near Mandurah. In another first, the school decided to run the market before school to capture the drop-off crowd and to minimise disruption to the school day. The market hosted 72 kidprenuers offering both product, services, and entertainment to the eager crowd.

The market ran for just over an hour, and was well attended by parents, friends, and siblings with pocket money!  

UWA Aspire funded the program in a trial aimed at sponsoring Year 6’s to obtain an entrepreneurial skillset, and to promote knowledge and understanding of small businesss. 

 Among the businesses, there were:

  • Recycled t-shirts into re-useable shopping bags,
  • Herbs and plants,
  • Bandanas,
  • Recycled plastic straws into jewellery,
  • Hair accessories,
  • 3D printed figurines,
  • Personalised leavers hats, and
  • A Tromboning busker

 This was a wonderful experience for students, parents, and teachers alike and we look forward to seeing these businesses continue and grow as they develop vital skills such as money handling, planning, and risk management. 

You can see the market in action and hear them speak about their experience in these short videos:

Love from our teachers

"The program brought small business and financial management to the forefront of our students minds. It really opened their eyes to the ‘real world’ and that money does not just magically appear. It put things into perspective and their initiatives displayed at the Market stall day really showed the learning they gained from the program.
The Year 5 students are already talking about it!"

Melanie Buller, Principal SHHP 2019

"I was absolutely blown away by how successful the night was. The students did an amazing job and I am so proud of them. I haven’t done the final count, but I won’t be surprised if between them they have raised over $2000 in profit! And it’s not over! I have a meeting with our P&F representatives tomorrow to see if we can support them with their Christmas stall."

Suzie Alexander, Cannon Hill Anglican College 2019