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Little Bursts of Happiness

Little Bursts of Happiness
Meet the 11yo helping kids build a positive mindset

Stella started her business in 2016 after hearing about the chance to have a stall at our very first Kidpreneur Showcase.

When her mum, Mel, mentioned the event, Stella’s first instinct was to make cupcakes. After some thought, she decided she’d rather do something to inspire people her own age to make positive changes in her life – and that’s just what Stella has done.

See, Stella was having a rough year in 2016. She was anxious and moody, and couldn’t seem to get out her funk. Wanting to help her daughter, Mel wrote a page of affirmations for her to read. It was no work of art – the page was handwritten, with mistakes crossed out all over the place. Mel was quietly hopeful when she would hear Stella reading the page aloud to herself in the morning.

Over the course of a few weeks, Stella’s moods began to change. She became more positive, and her anxiety reduced. It changed the feeling in the entire house. Mel says the change was like a 180 degree turn.

Realising the huge impact this has had on her life, Stella wanted to help other kids going through a rough time, and she combined that with launching a business: Little Bursts of Happiness was born.


Stella decided to create two products for her launch: packs of 31 affirmations printed on small, square cards, and a printed poster with the affirmations Mel had written for her. She downloaded an app for $2.99 to create the images, using a background she made herself with a toothbrush and some colourful paint.

The cards sold like hotcakes. She knew she was onto a business idea that could be successful.

Stella had added a gratitude journal to her personal practice, so she decided to add those to her offerings at the next Kidpreneur Showcase on 30 April. They were a genuine ‘Minimum Viable Product’ – some journals she’d bought in the stationery section of a shop and added printed instructions to. These also sold well.

Wanting to create a more colourful look, Stella rebranded by painting a logo, then having business cards, ‘About Me’ cards and the updated gratitude journals printed professionally.

Stella has also experimented with her pricing. Realising it frustrated customers to have to find $2 coins to buy the journals and card packs for $12 each, she rounded up to $15 and added a package deal to get both items plus a ‘My Mummy’s Affirmations’ poster for $25. These too sold brilliantly.

Stella’s products have been at every market we’ve had since that first one in November 2016 (eight in total). So has she with one exception – she organised her wonderful friend Maddie to cover for her at the recent Perth CBD Night Market). At each market she sells between $50 and $260 of products

Her products are stocked at the Fremantle Markets (see the Collab store) and Mel has included Stella’s cards in her business’ online store.

She regularly receives feedback from children who have been gifted her cards or journals, telling her about the positive impact it’s made on their lives.

She has achieved more in 14 months than many small business owners achieve in the life of their business, and she’s just 11 years old.

We are thrilled to have her as a member of Maker Kids Club, and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!

Introducing Stella of Little Bursts of Happiness

INTRODUCING STELLA | Stella, 11, started Little bursts of Happiness last year to help kids get through rough times after finding affirmations a tremendous help herself. Her range is specifically for kids, and includes affirmation cards, an affirmation poster, and gratitude journals.You'll find Stella's fabulous products at the Maker Kids stall at Perth Makers Market September 24th 2017. Thank you Perth Makers Market for welcoming us!

Posted by Maker Kids Club on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Love from our kidpreneur parents

“My son Jacob has just attended his second kidpreneur market organised by Lacey at Makers Kids.

His first one was a bit of trial and error, but he learned a lot about business and what works and what doesn’t. He is only 8 years old, so this was a steep learning curve.

After his markets and with some guidance from Lacey and us, he invested some of his earnings back into his gardening business and started to create some more products. I think he made $58 and was very happy with this.

Last week, we went to the Makers Markets in Mandurah with some improved products and it was all a lot let stressful and more exciting the second time around.

He sold 95% of his plants and went home with a profit of $148 which absolutely made his day. He has learned so much from this process and has banked all of his profit with the intent of investing a portion back into the business.

Cannot say enough about what a inspirational program Lacey runs and what a big difference it can make in kids lives.

Kylie - Mum of Jake, 8 years old

"My 11 year old daughter Ashleya is a member of Maker Kids Club and sells her own homemade natural lip balm. Ashleya attended one of the markets organised by Lacey from Maker Kids Club and it was an amazing experience. It was a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for the kids to sell their wares. Ashleya made a couple of hundred dollars from it!

She also learned about presentation, using testers so potential customers could try the lip balm before they bought it, and learned about money. She donated 20% of her earnings to a charity and banked the rest of it.

This has opened up an incredible opportunity for my child that wouldn’t be possible without the support of Maker Kids Club. Ashleya will continue to donate 20% of her earnings until she reaches her goal of raising $1300 for Big Brother Mouse who publish books for Laotian kids so they can learn to read.

The online support from Maker Kids Club has been fantastic and I hope we can attend more kidpreneur friendly markets in future!"

Kat - Mum of David, 9, and Sophie, 6

Maker Kids Club has inspired my children to use their imagination and be creative as well as understand the process of starting their own small business.

With many co-curricular activities, the online videos allow the children to watch and learn in their own time. By funding the markets, the children can experience the whole process of designing, producing and selling their product, without having to worry about the cost of the market.

Such a great opportunity for Kidpreneurs.”

Megs - Mum of David, 9, and Sophie, 6

“My daughter Emma has always wanted to have her own business, with the tools that Lacey and Fran provided with the Maker Kids Club she has been able to turn her idea into a reality and learn really essential life and business skills.

Her confidence in speaking to people, calculating change and sharing story shows how positive the effect of being members and having that support really is, all at the age of 7!

Tennille - Mum of Emma, 7

“The Mosey on Magic dynamic duo of older brother Riley (10) and little sister Georgia (9) absolutely love being kidpreneurs.

My wife and I have seen a huge boost in our kids confidence, particularly our daughter Georgia who has gone from a very shy and introverted little girl to a confident young lady who is becoming very adept at dealing with her customers. We have no doubt this is due to the Maker Kids Club and the amazing opportunities they have given our children. It’s been incredible to watch these little people of ours grow and blossom under Lacey and Fran’s incredible assistance.

Mel and I are bursting with pride – we simply had no idea Riley and Georgia would create such a wonderful business. It has helped them become closer as brother and sister and also brought the entire family together as we all pitch in to help out.

I am the P&C President of my children’s school and also on the Executive of the West Australian Council for State Schools Organisation (WACSSO) and I have long been advocating for children to learn real world life skills, particularly around financial literacy. I love that I can help my child develop skills that will genuinely be useful to them in the real world and would love to see more kids get that opportunity.

We love being members of Maker Kids Club. The work Lacey and Fran have put in to the education and development of the kids is truly inspirational and the amount of work that must go into coordinating the markets is amazing.

We simply could not recommend highly enough the Maker Kids Club, we honestly believe this is life changing work they are doing in setting children up on a path to financial freedom."

Scott - Dad of Riley, 10, and Georgia, 9

“My daughter has been doing the Maker Kids online video course to build on her understanding of business and financial literacy. The course is well set up and the concepts easy to understand. I believe this is a vital learning area for all ages and something that is often missing in the school curriculum. The Maker Kids program would benefit any school or learning group that want to give their children real-life skills and confidence to have a go.

The markets that have been hosted by Maker Kids are an important feature of the program and have been fantastic as a safe environment that gives the children outlets to actually sell their products. We have attended 2 markets and seen the excitement of the children on all the stalls as they get to set up their displays and interact with customers. Direct sales experience and money handling skills is again an important learning experience and I have been grateful that Maker Kids has provided these opportunities for my daughter. “

Kathy - Mum of Sofia, 13 years old

Parents of Kidpreneurs - Kat, mum of Ash

How do parents feel about their kids running businesses? We are deeply curious about this at Maker Kids, so we ask the parents we meet regularly. As many of you know, Ash of Beauty From Ash's Products is one of our most successful kidpreneurs. In this video, we asked her mum, the marvellous Ezer Eve, what it's like. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Posted by Maker Kids Club on Monday, June 26, 2017
Parents of Kidpreneurs - What's it like?

ONE FOR THE PARENTS | If you've wondered what it's like to have a kidpreneur in your home, here are thoughts from four of our kidpreneur parents on the good AND the bad parts of the experience. Thank you parents for your candid thoughts, and thank you kidpreneurs for being so kind as to lend us your folks!With Little bursts of Happiness, ILOOMinate Perth, Emma's Soda Stand and Mosey On Magic.

Posted by Maker Kids Club on Monday, July 17, 2017